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Make Used Transmissions Like New

If a truck transmission has been damaged, reacting quickly and delivering good quality is of utmost importance. Whether you need an exchange unit or a truck transmission repair that reflects the transmission's current value.

SUGE TRADING LIMITED is commited to provide a perfect, top-notch ZF remanufactured transmission to our customers.
We are so understood of your concern about the remanufactured gearbox quality:

▪ Are your engineers good experience for gearbox repair?

A: Yes, wealth experience for more than 1500 sets of ZF transmission overhauls

▪ Will you save the parts which are close to scrap?

A: Never, our repair standard: the lifetime of remanufactured gearboxes shoud be higher than 80% compare to a new one, we insist on offering our customer the first-class quality gearboxes