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ZF ASTRONIC AMT Transmission parts FS AVS 6006 029 018

ZF-ASTronic - Advantages of Automatic Mechanical Transmissions:
1) Effectively reduce the labor intensity of the driver: automatic gear shifting, simple and easy operation, free switching between manual and automatic modes.
2) Effectively reduce the operating cost of the vehicle: good fuel economy, compared with the manual box, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 3%-5% at most; compared with other automatic transmissions, the purchase cost has a greater advantage; the clutch realizes automatic control, Effectively extend the service life of the clutch. ASTronic's integrated hydraulic retarder increases brake life.
3) Effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicle: the gear shifting of the hydraulic system is efficient and reliable; the intelligent gear shifting program can effectively protect the engine and the entire transmission system; the modular design and the portable fault diagnosis system are easy to maintain.
  • 12AS2540 12AS2330

  • ZF

  • 6006 029 018

Product Description

ZF ASTRONIC AMT Transmission parts FS AVS 6006 029 018.

6006 029 018ASTRONIC换挡手柄